Activated Stabilized Oxygen

The key ingredient in our ASO Sport™ formulas, this all-natural liquid supplement contains one of the highest concentrations of bioavailable oxygen available today. Clinically shown to improve recovery post-exercise.

ASO Sport™ Recover
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A plateau-busting workout doesn’t have to mean next-day soreness. On your toughest training days, ASO Sport™ RECOVER is your best defense against sore, strained muscles. This liquid sport supplement combines the proven lactate-blasting benefits of bioavailable oxygen with vital trace minerals — zinc, chromium, and magnesium — to help restore electrolyte balance, reduce muscle fatigue, and facilitate cellular repair.

ASO Sport™ Refuel
Fight Fatigue
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Struggling to hit all your sets before fatigue sets in? Reach for REFUEL. This O2-powered endurance booster is formulated with energizing ionic minerals to increase VO2 Max. Taken before training, REFUEL delivers a concentrated surge of bioavailable oxygen to fuel muscle metabolism and keep lactic acid at bay. Plant-based iron, chromium, and copper further improve oxygen delivery to the muscles so you can count on maximum aerobic efficiency while you workout.

ASO Sport™ Reflex
Improve Mobility
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Heavy lifting and intense training can be brutal on joints and ligaments, ultimately stalling progress. Safeguard your gains with a shot of ASO Sport™ REFLEX. Optimized for joint support, this pre-workout formula contains concentrated stabilized oxygen and fortifying plant-derived minerals for improved mobility and faster recovery. REFLEX is enhanced with a blend of ionic magnesium, zinc, and GRAS-designated MSM to promote collagen production and maintain healthy inflammation response.

Living Minerals™
Plant-Sourced Mineral Concentrate
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Our liquid minerals are derived from prehistoric plant deposits and are minimally processed to ensure they are superior in purity and bioavailability.

Living Minerals™
Plant-Sourced Mineral Concentrate
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This nutrient-dense liquid complex contains natural fulvic acid and a complete spectrum of 78 essential and trace elements, electrolytes, and amino acids.

Super Greens
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Our full-spectrum terrestrial and aquatic greens supplement, enhanced with oxygen and LactoSpore® probiotics to restore digestive pH and eliminate harmful toxins in the body.

Sea Greens
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Marine kelp is a concentrated source of more than 70 free-state minerals, vitamins, and amino acids, in a naturally bioactive form that is easily absorbed by the body. Our oxygen-enhanced SEA GREENS formula features a blend of dark green Arctic sea kelp and essential micronutrients for comprehensive metabolic support.

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100% natural relief for dry and stuffy noses, enhanced with the purifying benefits of oxygen. OXYSALINE™ nasal spray contains a proprietary blend of sea salt, bioavailable oxygen and immune-boosting ionic zinc to cleanse and soothe sinus passages while promoting the healing of swollen and irritated tissues.*

Brazilian Heat™
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Melt away joint and muscle pain with BRAZILIAN HEAT™. This powerful pain relief spray is formulated with soothing natural botanicals and minerals—including MSM, transdermal magnesium, and Brazilian menthol—to quickly alleviate sore aching muscles and joints.*

Mag Relief™
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Relief from sore, strained muscles is just a spray away. Our 100% natural magnesium chloride solution is made from premium Dead Sea salt and enhanced with plant-based zinc for additional therapeutic benefits.

ASO Sport™ Purist Bottle
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Design meets function in our sleek, leak-proof water bottle by Specialized®. Purist Infusion technology ensures clean, easy-access hydration without compromising the unique oxygen bonds in ASO®. It’s as pure as drinking from a glass.