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Empowering Athletes and Big Ideas.

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While ASO® has been around for almost 30 years, the roots of the technology go back to the 1950's. Initially developed for water purification purposes, the engineers behind ASO® quickly discovered a dynamic range of uses and benefits, from cleansing the skin to boosting energy levels. And, because it can be used both internally and topically, it has become a universal oxygen delivery system. pH balanced, all natural, and full of life-giving oxygen molecules, the potential ASO® provides for supplementation has led to a dedicated following of athletes, health professionals and wellness seekers.

Our Journey

Fueled by Purpose

Founded in 1996, we at Oxigenesis are California natives inspired by nature and driven by research. Located in the golden state’s central coast, the perfect intersection of wellness culture and tech innovation, we knew we were on to something when professional athletes started coming out of the woodwork with incredible stories of how our active ingredient, ASO®, helped them surpass their fitness edge.

Our Journey

Driven by Research

A 6-month double-blind placebo study at Indiana State University confirmed what we already knew: ASO® is a powerhouse supplement with remarkable muscle recovery potential. Since then, we’ve been on a mission to help people push boundaries and pursue their fitness and health goals. At Oxigenesis, we believe in empowering and enabling humans to be their best by providing them with innovative and trusted nutritional products that generate real results.


Supporting the Next Great Idea

In addition to our dedication to research and development, we're always looking for ways to give back. In 2015, we kicked off our Annual Scholarship Program to help students pursue their career goals in the fields of science. Since then, we’ve committed over $35,000 to local high school seniors as part of our promise to encourage, nurture and reward the next generation of innovators.