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Frequently Asked Questions

What is ‘Activated Stabilized Oxygen’?

Activated Stabilized Oxygen — brand name ASO® — is the active ingredient in ASO Sport™. Taken as a dietary supplement, ASO® provides a concentrated dose of dissolved bioavailable oxygen to boost blood O2 levels and maximize aerobic metabolism.

ASO® is engineered from three simple ingredients: distilled water, natural sea salt, and oxygen molecules. Our proprietary manufacturing process bonds these free oxygen molecules into a stabilized liquid solution that is easily and rapidly absorbed into the bloodstream.

Where are your ingredients sourced?

All of our raw materials are sourced here in the U.S.A. from vetted suppliers, and processed in state-of-the-art labs using the highest industry standards. We verify and quality test all our ingredients at our in-house lab.

What makes ASO Sport™ minerals so special?

Our minerals are derived exclusively from decomposed plant matter that has been converted into nutrient-rich humic shale ore. Plant-sourced minerals are superior because they’ve been “pre-digested” by the plant, meaning they’re in a uniquely bioactive form that can be easily absorbed and integrated by the body.

Our proprietary production process breaks these plant minerals into minute nano-sized particles without the use of chemistry or heat. These tiny nano-particles are able to pass through the blood brain barrier — providing nearly 100% nutritional utilization for maximum cellular energy potential.

Does ASO Sport™ contain caffeine or sugar?

Nope! ASO Sport™ is completely free of stimulants, sweeteners, preservatives, binders, fillers, or any other additives that might impair nutrient absorption. All you get is all you need: essential minerals, and natural bioavailable oxygen.

How do I use ASO Sport™?

You can take ASO Sport™ direct from the bottle — just grab a 1 oz capful before you hit the gym — or add a serving to your bottled water to recharge as you work out.

For additional recovery power on those days you've pushed your muscles to their max, add a dose of ASO® post-workout. Clinical studies indicate that ASO® continues to improve lactate kinetics when taken immediately after training.

What does ASO Sport™ taste like?

We like to keep our products free of unnecessary fluff, so you won’t find any fruity flavors or sweeteners here. ASO Sport™ has a distinctive ‘salty’ taste that comes from our active ingredient, ASO® (we use natural sea salt as a catalyst in our proprietary manufacturing process.)

A single serving of ASO Sport™ is just 1 oz — but for the salt-averse, we recommend adding a capful to your bottled water for a taste-free O2 boost whenever you hydrate.

Why can’t I use metal containers or utensils with ASO Sport™?

The oxygen molecules in ASO® can destabilize when exposed to metal surfaces, so opt for an acrylic bottle or glass tumbler instead. Click here to order the metal-free and BPA-free ASO Sport™ Water Bottle.

Can I add ASO Sport™ to anything other than water?

ASO® is water-stable, but can lose its efficacy under certain conditions. Food (including juice and milk), certain supplements, and some medications can contain ingredients that destabilize the oxygen bonds in ASO®. For best results, take ASO Sport™ at least 30 minutes before or after eating or taking anything else internally.

Can I take too much? Are there negative side effects?

ASO Sport is a liquid supplement that combines activated oxygen with essential minerals. The active ingredient in our product, ASO®, is completely non-toxic, pH balanced and safe. Some minerals may have side effects, especially when taken in combination with other medications or in amounts above their RDIs. We recommend that you consult with your doctor or dietitian before starting any new dietary supplement program.

Remember, mineral supplements aren’t meant to take the place of a balanced diet. ASO Sport™ should be used in conjunction with a solid diet plan.

Is ASO Sport™ useful for people who do not lead active, athletic lifestyles?

Absolutely. Anybody can benefit from using ASO Sport™ along with a healthy diet plan. The combination of bioavailable oxygen and essential trace minerals are ideal for anyone seeking to improve metabolic function and recovery from physical stressors.

For optimal health and oxygen utilization, we recommend that everyone engage in regular physical activity.