The Science Inside

More Oxygen,
Less Burn.
It's That Simple.

Proprietary Ingredients

ASO Sport™ combines two synergistic components: ASO® Activated Stabilized Oxygen and plant-sourced liquid minerals.

We use our most concentrated stabilized oxygen formula (to increase VO2max) and optimize the assimilation and utilization of essential nutrients for superior muscle performance.

Our plant-derived liquid minerals are unique because they are in their most bioavailable and active state. Our proprietary production process breaks colloidal minerals into minute nano-sized particles for optimal cellular assimilability. These nano-minerals have an immense surface area compared to elemental minerals, which increases their cellular energy potential to nearly 100%.

Proprietary Ingredients

Specific Minerals

Magnesium is a powerhouse mineral, helping to regulate literally hundreds of biochemical reactions within the body, including energy production, electrolyte balance and cellular repair. Magnesium is essential for explosive movement in exercise, making it a key nutrient for athletes that want to push past their training plateau.

If you’re aiming to build lean body mass and increase endurance, don’t overlook chromium. This trace player is a critical part of the metabolic processes that regulate blood sugar and turn fats, carbs, and proteins into energy.

Zinc isn’t just for fighting colds -- muscles need zinc to form new collagen tissue, repair cellular damage, and heal the micro tears that cause delayed-onset soreness. Research also shows that adequate zinc levels improve VO2max, equaling better energy efficiency while you train.

If you’re not maximizing your iron stores, you’re missing out on peak performance and could be compromising your workout results. Without enough iron, you can’t use oxygen properly to produce energy. Since bodies lose iron through sweating, endurance athletes especially are at risk of iron deficiency.

In addition to helping the body absorb and utilize iron, ionic copper is critical for the synthesis of ATP -- the energy currency that powers muscle movement.

MSM, full name methylsulfonylmethane, has been clinically proven to decrease inflammation, improve the flexibility of connective tissue, and accelerate recovery from injury. Our GRAS-designated MSM can help protect against the wear-and-tear on joints so that you lose less training time.

Proprietary Liquid Minerals

Made in USA

Made in USA

We procure the purest raw materials available from domestic sources.

We use the highest industry standards.

Superior Quality

Superior Quality

99.99999% pure, non-metallic crystalline minerals.

No chemistry or heat is used in production.

Plant Sourced

Plant Sourced

Decomposed plant matter that has been converted into humic shale ore.

Plant sourced minerals have been “pre-digested” or “pre-assimilated” by the plant, meaning they are in an innately recognizable form that can be absorbed and integrated by the body.

Superior Bioavailability

Superior Bioavailability*

Nano-sized particles are very small particles less than 100 nanometers.

These particles are able to pass through the blood brain barrier for 100% nutritional utilization.