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100% natural relief for dry and stuffy noses, enhanced with the purifying benefits of oxygen. OXYSALINE™ nasal spray contains a proprietary blend of sea salt, bioavailable oxygen and immune-boosting ionic zinc to cleanse and soothe sinus passages while promoting the healing of swollen and irritated tissues.* Gentle enough for everyday use.

  • Non-medicated, non-drowsy formula
  • Free of alcohol, chemicals or preservatives
  • All natural ingredients
  • pH balanced
  • Safe for the whole family

Active Ingredient:
Sodium Chloride (Sea Salt) 0.65%


Other Ingredients:
Distilled Water, Plant-Sourced Zinc, ASO® (Activated Stabilized Oxygen).

Suggested Use

Shake well and remove safety band. With head upright, insert nozzle in nostril and spray 1-3 times, as needed. Repeat as necessary.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Nicole D.
It works

I use this nasal spray every day for my allergies and it is so effective I've stopped using Flonase. I love that it's a drug and steroid free alternative that really works and I don't have to worry about over-using it. Smells a bit like a pool when you spray it but the scent goes away quickly.

I can breathe again

I don't know how I stumbled on this, but this spray is the best. I used to have constant allergies, congestion, and resulting sinus headaches. Oxysaline has completely eradicated my sinus issues, and I'd like to think that the added zinc even gives me a little extra protection from Covid? Anyway, if you're here and considering this spray, don't hesitate.

Kate H.
Life Changing

I know it sounds silly to say a nasal spray is "life changing." Let me explain why. I have had sinus problems most of my life. By "problems," I mean, the majority of my life I couldn't breathe out of one or both sides of my nose. I've had allergy tests, I've tried special diets omitting dairy, wheat and whatnot. But nothing ever worked - other than antihistamines, which I don't want to take. Then I tried Oxisaline. I usually spray three times in each nostril before bed and when I get up in the morning and I have been *completely relieved* of my lifelong congestion. It used to be that "not being able to breathe" would keep me up at night, would cause snoring and a sore throat. I couldn't sleep in any position other than on my back. While awake, I was constantly "sniffing," trying to get more oxygen. NO MORE. Seriously. I am SO sold on this product and hope to never have to do without it.

  • FDA Approved
  • Certified Drug Free

We are proud to be BSCG Certified Drug Free®. You can find us in the database here.

PH balanced ⦁ 100% Vegan ⦁ Gluten Free
No preservatives or additives
Caffeine Free ⦁ Made in the USA