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Activated Stabilized Oxygen

2 oz - 8 oz

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Prime your mind and body with a daily dose of ASO®, proven to fast-track post-workout recovery in clinical trials.** Our proprietary liquid formula provides a potent oxygen boost to help facilitate energy production and improve recovery from physical stressors.*

  • Easily absorbed into the bloodstream
  • All natural ingredients
  • Supports cellular renewal
  • pH balanced + non-toxic

Bioavailable oxygen, distilled water, sea salt.

Suggested Use

As a dietary supplement, take 30 drops as needed, preferably on an empty stomach. Can be taken sublingually or added to water. Avoid solution coming into contact with metal.

**Based on published 6-month clinical study at Indiana State University. Visit for more info.

Customer Reviews

Based on 10 reviews
Joanie Rimbenieks

After using this product for over a month the results from my doctor we’re better than they’ve ever been so I can only determine that this is due to the ASO liquid. Subscribing to it so I don’t miss a day.

Sid Aust
Product Review

For 14 yrs I've taken omega 6/3 for oxygen increase to my cells as I have read Otto Warburg MD Phd, where I first discovered that lack of oxygen to the cells is the most basic cause of cancer and I am sure many other diseases ...anytime one can increase the oxygen to the cells I think will give one an edge in this area…This ASO will supplement what I am taking now…thank you for making this product available. Looking forward to using more products from your company in the future..

Brooke M.
~Essential Product~

ASO is as essential to my medicine cabinet as bandaids and rubbing alcohol! I use it on a cotton pad when I have an acne flareup. I cleaned my septum piercing with it and it healed like a dream. I used it as a gentle disinfectant while extracting a burr from my dog's paw. Its gentler than peroxide and more effective than a saline wash, in my opinion. I'll never be without it!

Gabe Harwell

I recently had an accident in the middle of a routine horse feeding where I was bit on the tip of my finger. It removed all the top layers of my skin down to the red zone. I used this product to aid and assist the healing and I was blown away by the result. It seemed to heal 2x as fast as if I had healed with my normal routine. I would recommend this for use on any scratch ,cut, or burn.

Byung Woo Hur
Uncomfortable feeling in the chest

I use ASO when I experience chest discomfort. Then the symptoms disappear or decrease.
I believe this effect is probably due to more oxygen being supplied to the heart.

  • Certified Drug Free

We are proud to be BSCG Certified Drug Free®. You can find us in the database here.

PH balanced ⦁ 100% Vegan ⦁ Gluten Free
No preservatives or additives
Caffeine Free ⦁ Made in the USA

How ASO Sport™ Works